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TA-65: 25 mg Telomerase Activator TA65-90-telomerase-activator-x
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TA-65: 25 mg Telomerase Activator

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Large 90 Capsule Bottle - Lasts 90 Days - TA65 Lengthens Human Telomeres. Yes, A 2016 Human Study Proves TA65 Lengthens Telomeres in Human Subjects (TA-65 Lengthens Telomeres). This Is The Only Product Tested On Humans And Proven To Lengthen Telomeres. We Believe TA-65 Is The Most Bioavailable Telomerase Activator Available Today As It Is Up To 50 Fold Better Than Anything Else We Have Seen. The product may be different than shown. *We have provided this discounted price match price today. It may change from one day to the next. Please order today to save!

The TA-65 Formula Is Simply 50x More Bioavailable Than Our Previously Recommended Telomerase Activation Products.

Not Only Will You Get The Best, But You Also Get The Lowest Prices, As We Were The First To Implement The TA-65 Low Price Guarantee! 

The TA-65 product has been tested by RevGenetics on live cells (in Vitro). Recently RevGenetics met with TA Sciences in NY and provided direct evidence that TA-65 Bioenhanced complex is 50x to 100x Better than our previously recommended products which had the same molecule.

We now believe the Bioenhanced TA-65 simply provides much higher absorption and telomerase activation than any others we have tested.

Your Purchase Today Is Covered With thousands of happy customer reviews (Click to see reviews from actual customers!), you know that we can provide a quality product.

Why are we the best place to get TA-65? We are the only company that has independently tested TA-65® with human cells using the same methods used by UCLA. The new UCLA study has now been published by our researcher Dr. H. F. Valenzuela (Link). The new 2013 study proves that the product activates telomerase to a statistically significant degree in human cells. However, we do not recommend TA-65 for an increase in longevity but just for its concentrated Astragalus benefits.

According to the 2016 study on TA-65 Telomerase Activation:

In this recently released study* in 2016, a group of men and women consuming varying dose concentrations of TA-65 were followed for a one-year period with telomere measurements taken at separate time points and contrasted to individuals taking the placebo pill.

The authors of this paper very cleverly elected to measure the telomere length of individuals that are CMV positive. CMV is a herpes +Infectoloo that is quite common in the US population; by some valuations 80% of adults over the age of 50 are positive. The reason for analyzing CMV positive individuals is that this +Infectoloo has been indicated to induce aging characteristics at a quicker rate than those individuals that are not CMV positive. In this way, differences in telomere length caused by TA-65 would be more noticeable and easier to detect. Surprisingly, the investigators recognized that TA- 65 at reduced dosages (the same dosage level initially suggested and offered by RevGenetics way back in 2013 https://goo.gl/BGkrAE) led to a statistical increase of telomere size but the higher dosages (4 times higher than our recommended dose at RevGenetics), did not bolster telomere length.

Together these new observations added to the previous research studies suggest that TA-65 can statistically extend telomeres and the health benefits of having longer telomeres may potentially now be associated to people's well being and not just human cells. Substantiating what many have suspected for many years.

*(Rejuvenation Research, March 2016)

RevGenetics Now Certifies TA-65®: To test the product, RevGenetics first purchased TA-65 anonymously, we did not receive free TA-65 for our lab tests. After the TA-65® telomerase product was lab tested with positive results, we decided to make it available to our customers. Because we believe that the TA-65® telomerase benefits can only be achieved through a 3 to 6 month use of the product, there are no returns or refunds on this product.

Have a question about this product? Please Read out TA-65 FAQ (TA-65 Frequently Asked Questions) What is Autoship? It is a special quantity discount for this item. By ordering using our recurring autoship plan, you effectively lock in the quantity discount price. Our best recurring offer allows us to ship you 2 large 90 capsule bottles of TA-65 for $1000, that's only $500 a bottle!

*The statements on this page have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This supplement is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. TA-65® Is a registered trademark of Telomerase Activation Sciences, Inc. Buy TA-65® at RevGenetics today to support research and new product development. The Top Source For Your TA-65 Online.