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Cellular NAD Kit - Verify Your Supplements Work NADIntracellularTest-sw
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Cellular NAD Kit - Verify Your Supplements Work

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Anthony Loera NAD Cellular Test

Are your supplements working? We were the first supplement company to offer this amazing test. The at-home NAD blood drop test guides you to ideal supplements and lifestyle to elevate your NAD.

We suggest taking this test every 3 months to see how your cellular NAD may change with your supplement intake.

Does this test measure NAD Inside the cells or in the circulating blood outside the cells? This test kit helps measure NAD INSIDE all blood cells (Red and White) cells only. Other tests test NAD that is circulating outside of the cells. At RevGenetics, we find this test key in seeing if NAD levels are going up inside the cells where we believe it is most needed. 

What were the NAD+ results of Anthony Loera, the President of RevGenetics? The maximum value for intracellular NAD is higher than 20uM, which is seen in about 75% of teens. The upper limits of intracellular NAD are unknown. However, levels around 30-40uM are generally seen in both young and older people. The results for the RevGenetics President who takes RevGenetics Advanced NMN daily, along with Stem Cell Pro III and Resveratrol came back at 200% of the normal optimal NAD maintenance target, with 40.3 μM. Why not test yours to see if you need to make any changes with your supplements?

What is NAD?
Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) is a needed molecule for maintaining life and is discovered in every cell. NAD is associated with redox responses and comes in two kinds: NAD+ as well as NADH. Inadequate NAD is associated with 5 out of the 9 hallmarks of aging and also can increase the threats of age-related illnesses such as +Borikiki, +Strookle, +Carchomik disease, +Dibidoo, and +Neriugoocativ illness.

Sirtuins: aging regulators
Sirtuins are enzymes that call for NAD+ to function and are associated with five hallmarks of aging. When there are healthy and balanced quantities of sirtuins and also NAD+ cofactors, they inhibit the characteristics: epigenetic modifications, mitochondrial disorder, deregulated nutrient noticing, genomic instability, and also cell senescence.

Hallmarks of Aging NAD Test

DNA repair
The PARP enzymes use NAD to repair DNA to stop genomic instability, a hallmark of aging.

The sirtuin enzymes likewise assist prevent genomic instability by assisting FOXO transcription factors to bind to DNA and express antioxidant enzymes to secure cells from oxidative stress.

How can you maximize your NAD degrees?

NAD precursor supplements such as NMN have been shown to increase NAD levels in human beings.

Diet regimen and exercise
Weight problems are connected with reduced expression of NAD and sirtuins, whereas weight loss increases NAD and sirtuin expression. At the same time, workouts have been revealed to enhance the activity of a NAD-synthesizing enzyme called NAMPT.

How does this work? RevGenetics is providing a specialized test produced by a cutting-edge laboratory that is currently researching NAD. When you purchase a NAD test from RevGenetics, we send you a prepaid test kit from the laboratory. The test consists of a small filter paper, alcohol swab, sterile single-use personal lancets to be used on a finger for the drops of blood, and a NAD buffer used to help keep the drops of blood placed on the filter paper from degrading. Complete instructions come with the easy-to-use kit. Please note that any technical questions on the kit cannot be answered by our team at RevGenetics, but only by the laboratory. Each kit comes with a unique identifier that you will need to register online along with your email. When the lab receives your sample and finished your test, they will email you a link to the final results so that you can see what they found using their proprietary cutting-edge NAD tests. Please do not order this test if you are an international customer and cannot send the test back by mail, quickly to the lab. If you order, please make it a point to ship the sample so it arrives within 7-10 days of when you provided the sample on the filter paper.


According to the laboratory providing these cutting-edge tests, this is not a diagnostic test and is not approved by the FDA. This does not evaluate many other factors that may be important for your health status and disease diagnosis and should NOT be used as a replacement for your medical care by your physicians. This test is only for healthy individuals and by purchasing this product you acknowledge that you are healthy, know this is purely used for your individual research, provided "As Is" from the laboratory, with no guarantees or warranties of any kind from RevGenetics and that you agree to our full terms and conditions provided at checkout. Please consult your doctor if you are not healthy before taking this test.