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About Us


Our Objective:

We Provide Products For Your Spin Around Life.

Who We Employ:

VitaSpin is a private company located in the United States. We only employ american workers here in the Unites States to produce and fulfill all your health needs.

Who We Are:

Anthony Loera
Founder of RevGenetics

Originally a 12 year consultant who lead projects for companies such as Merck Pharmaceuticals, Microsoft, Kaplan, and Vitas Hospice. Leads and manages the vision for RevGenetics in it's aim to combat aging through gene activation . "I have seen the toll that a loved one on hospice care, takes on a family. This company was created to find a way to help limit that experience as much as possible, for your family as well as for mine." - Anthony Loera - (Click For Linkedin Profile)


VitaSpin Company:

VitaSpin is a Limited Liability Company, formed in the State of Florida. The company took shape in 2013.